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On the afternoon of December 4, 2015,The Provincial Academy of Forestry held a meeting of all party members and leading cadres at or above the deputy department level。will be on,Party Secretary and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Provincial Academy of Forestry、Vice President Huang Huari taught the special party lesson entitled "Careful implementation of learning & lt; Chinese Communist Party's integrity and self -discipline & gt; and & lt; Chinese stake betting appCommunist Party Disciplinary Disciplinary Regulations & GT;。
The party lesson first explains the revision process and background of two specified regulations,Think that this is our party's opening rules、A major practice of democratic discipline;,Institutionalize the practical results of the party strictly、A manifestation of normalization。2,The party lesson explains the basic principles of the amendment to the two items,Point out the theme of "integrity and self -discipline" closely at the theme of "integrity and self -discipline",Emphasize self -discipline、focusing on Lide; the "Regulations on Party Discipline" around the core of "Party Disciplinary Supervision",Persist in discipline and method separation,Ji is before Fa、Ji Yan Yu Law。I believe that both regulations My stake betting appfollow the party constitution,Follow the party constitution as follows,Maintain the authority of the party constitution with strict discipline; adhere to the problem -oriented,Highlight political discipline and political rules; adhere to the combination of governance of the party and the rule of the German party; adhere to the separation of discipline and law,Stand discipline in front of the law。third,The characteristics of the party lesson are the characteristics of the "Guidelines for Integrity and Self -discipline" and the "Regulations on Party Discipline"、The role and the main content are described,Think that the two provisions are positive and one anti、Support each other,"Code of integrity and self -discipline" adheres to positive advocacy、focusing on Lide,It can be visible stake betting appto party members and party member leaders、high standards that have enough; the "Regulations on Party Discipline" around the requirements of the party discipline ruler,Open "Negative List",focus on the rules,The "bottom line" of party organizations and party members cannot be touched。Last,Secretary Huang talked about the experience of learning and understanding the two rules in accordance with the actual situation of the Provincial Academy of Forestry,Think that the two regulations should be "engraved" on the heart of all party members and leading cadres,The study of the two regulations should be used as a political task,From now to the first half of next year, we should focus on studying and guiding this as a guidance to implement the spirit of learning and experience to carry out various tasks; require all party members to study two regulations carefully,stake sports betting loginThe party committee must fulfill the main responsibility system,Discipline Inspection Commission must further strengthen supervision and discipline accountability,All party members and leading cadres of the Academy of Forestry should have a "safety awareness",to better promote the development of various work in our hospital。