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The Party Committee of the Gansu Provincial Forestry Science Research Institute closely surrounds forestry best betting sitesscientific research,Pay close attention to party organization construction,Give play to the role of the pioneer of party members。The business party branch is the Gansu Provincial Party Committee、Provincial Working Committee、The Party Group of the Provincial Forestry Department has repeatedly commended the grass -roots outstanding party organization , It is an old advanced advanced on the forestry technology front of our province、Old typical,Since the stake betting append of the 1980s,He has been repeatedly been repeatedly by the Provincial Government Work Committee、The Party Group of the Provincial Forestry Department awarded "Advanced Party Branch"、"Excellent Party Organization" and other honorary titles。Since 2002,The grassroots party organization is identified as a demonstration point for the construction of the party branch by the Provincial Commission and the Provincial Forestry Department,Give full play best betting sitesto the role of the combat fortress of grass -roots party organizations and the pioneering model of party members。8 people in the business party branch,Among them, 2 people in the premium titles,Deputy Senior Title 3 People,Intermediate title 2 people,1 person in the junior titles。Researcher Yu Hongbo was awarded "Gansu Outstanding Communist Party Member" in 2006、"Outstanding Communist Party Member of the Provincial Work Committee of the Provincial Organ" and "Outstanding Communist Party Member of the Provincial My stake betting appForestry Department System"。