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In the afternoon of June 18, 2015,Provincial Academy of Forestry held a meeting of all party members, cadres and employees。will be on,Party Secretary and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission stake sports betting loginof the Provincial Academy of Forestry、Deputy Dean Huang Huari taught entitled "Seeking truth and pragmatic、Improving the "Three Stricts and Three Realities" special party lessons for improving scientific and technological innovation。
Secretary Huang on the basis of analyzing the necessity of our party's practice of "three strict and three facts",Explained the connotation of "three strict and three real" and the relationship between "three strict and three facts" and "four comprehensive",Combined with the actual situation of various work of the stake online sports bettingProvincial Forestry Academy,From self -cultivation、Use right、Dimension、Conspiracy、Entrepreneurs、Six aspects of being a person analyzed several issues of "not strict" existing in the current unit, It is proposed to take "three strictness" as the precept、Dead Dead Line,First, insist on strict self -cultivation、firm ideals and beliefs; the second is to persist in strict use of rights、Defense procedure justice; the third is to adhere to strictness in self -discipline、Increase the accountability。Taking "Sanzan" as the standard、 best betting sitesDo a solid thing,One must be brave; second, we must be diligent; third, be good at innovation; fourth to be honest。Last,Secretary Huang requested all the party members of the Forestry Academy of Forestry for the management status of the unit,Especially party members and cadres must "keep discipline and rules in front of the law", It is proposed to effectively take forestry science and technology research as the main business,The spirit of pragmatism for truth,Practice "Three Stricts and Three Realities",Improve technology innovation My stake betting appability,Contributions to the forestry construction and ecological civilization construction of our province。