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March 20, 2015Afternoon,The Party Committee of the Provincial Academy of Forestry held a meeting of the Party Committee Central Group for study My stake betting appand expansion meeting,All party members of the hospital and cadres above the deputy department level participation,Secretary of the Party Committee Huang Huazi presided over the meeting。
First, I carefully revisited and learned the practice of "three strict and three facts"、"Five must,Five Never Allow "and" Seven Youyou "series of important speeches,I have studied the specific construction content of the main responsibility system of the provincial disciplinary committee's party style and clean best betting sitesgovernment construction,Clarified the main responsibility that the party committee of the hospital must perform。The second is to make a task decomposition arrangement on the construction of the rules and regulations of the Forestry Sciences,21 items of party and mass construction category、Administrative Management 32 items、10 items of other construction categories。Draw various rules and regulations、Meeting Draft、review、Organization discussion、Conference research and stake sports betting loginother tasks to be decomposed and implemented to the head of the post,and establish the year of 2015 for the construction of the Forestry Academy of Sciences。Third is Secretary Huang and all party members、Cadres at or above the deputy section level exchanged the five aspects of relationships in the five aspects of work and life; fourth, Dean Zhao Ming made a review on the previous stage of work and made arrangements for the next work。
(Review: Huang Huaoli)