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To commemorate the 94th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party's birthday,The Provincial Academy of Forestry Sciences held a seminar on the "July 1st" party member forum on the morning of June 29, 2015,Business branches participating in the symposium、Administrative Branch、A total of 25 members of all party members and reserve party members stake betting appin Lan Lan。The symposium was chaired by the party committee secretary Huang Huairi。Organized party members to visit the Memorial Hall of the Eighth Route Army in the Lanlan Office。
A total of four agenda: The first is Huang Huaoli, Secretary of the Party Committee, welcomed the "July 1" speech,and put forward three requirements for future work: First, putting the first place to strengthen the party's ideological theory; the other is to request all party members to strengthen the cultivation of party spirit,Improve your own quality; the third is to strengthen the construction of style,Improve technology innovation ability。The second item is a party member's speech。From business branch、Administrative stake betting appBranch、Party members of the retired branch and representatives of the party members made enthusiastic speeches。The third item is the Dean Zhao Ming read the "Decision on Commending 7 Excellent Communist Party Members such as Wang Ziting in 2015" and made a speech。The fourth item is the oath of all party members by Wang Ziting, secretary of the business branch,Revisked the oath of joining the party together。The atmosphere of the symposium is warm and harmonious,Everyone speaks smoothly,Talk about communication together,Talk about the history of the court,Talk about the history of the court、National History,Topic Development,Alive in the future,Especially the veteran party members stake online sports bettingwho attended the symposium combined with their own personal work experience, put forward valuable opinions and suggestions for the development of the Forestry Academy。
Organized all party members in the afternoon to visit the Memorial Hall of the Eighth Route Army in the Lan Lan Office,Under the bright red party,,All party members have revisited the party's oath again,The current leader of the Provincial Academy of Forestry Sciences Huang Huairi、Zhao Ming、Xie Xinping and the retired leader Meng Shangxian awarded the honorary certificate to the outstanding party members who were commended,Take a group photo,Inspired party members and cadres to carry forward the fine traditions,Strive to promote stake betting appthe work of the Provincial Academy of Forestry Sciences to achieve new progress。