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Hangzhou Reform Office [2004] No. 7


Municipal (State) Personnel Bureau、Vocational Reform Office,Personnel Office of various departments of the provincial department、Vocational Reform Office,The Central Government Personnel Division:

Objective for the review of the job title、Accurately evaluate the academic theoretical level of professional and technical personnel,Further improve the quality of professional and technical personnel in our province,According to the requirements of the professional and technical job qualification review conditions jointly issued by the National Personnel Department and some national industry authorities and commissions,and "Trial Measures for the Requirements and Publication levels in Gansu Province" (Trial Measures for the Publication and Publication levels "(Classification My stake betting appOffice [1998] No. 07) in the trial work and the changes in some academic journals in recent years,The following methods are formulated on the requirements of the thesis requirements and academic journal levels in our provincial title assessment.。

a、The thesis requirements of professional and technical personnel in professional title evaluation

(1) Personnel who apply for the qualifications of senior positions for the review,Since hiring deputy senior positions,It must be written independently or as the first writer、Write (the marking in the journal shall prevail), In national authoritative academic journals (excluding additional publication、Sub -journal、Special issue、Album) Published more than 1 article in this major。

(2) Personnel who apply for the deputy senior position of the review,Since hiring an intermediate position,It must be written independently or as the first writer、Write (the marking in the journal shall prevail), Academic journals at or above the provincial and ministerial level (excluding additional issue、Deputy Journal、Special issue、album) or published on the official academic papers of this major in the formal published national academic conference papers。

My stake betting app(3) Whether the person who declares the qualifications of intermediate positions in the review is required to publish a paper in academic journals,from various departments、All units determine。Department and units with strong academic technical characteristics,Generally, it should be required to have officially published papers。Personnel who do not require official publishing papers,You must submit 1 article to write、Technical report or professional technical work experience with certain academic value。Personnel who are qualified to apply for jurisdiction to study in the theory of professionalism should be encouraged,Writing academic papers,Under the same conditions of other conditions,Formally publishing thesis preferentially promoted to intermediate positions。

(4) Independent completion or as the first completion of the public publicity、Textbook,It can be regarded as a requirement for publishing papers in national academic journals。In a publicly published professional academic monograph、Write more than 30,000 words in the textbook,It can be regarded as the requirements for publishing papers in provincial and ministerial academic journals。

(5) Due to technical confidentiality and other reasons,The relevant state departments stipulate that the departments that may not publish the papers、Unit,Professional and technical personnel can be used in this department、Paper published in the publication published by the unit,or papers that communicate at the relevant academic and technical conference instead of publicly published papers,and attach relevant national relevant confidentiality regulations。

2. Identification of the level of publication

(1) The identification of national authoritative academic journals executes the "Reference List of National Authoritative Academic Journal" (see attachment)。

(2) Determination of provincial and ministerial academic journals

The principle of identifying provincial and ministerial academic journals is:

1. National Industry Society、Academic journals sponsored or supervisively sponsored by the Professional Society and the State Terminus (except for the name of the national authoritative academic journal)。

2. Hosted by the province's large industry society and the Provincial Department Bureau、Academic journals approved by the publishing department at or above the provincial level。

3. Provincial and Ministerial Newspaper Theoretical Edition.

4. Journal of undergraduate colleges.

5. Paper published in the formal published national academic conference college set,Papers published in provincial and ministerial academic journals。

(3) The following situations are generally not treated as academic papers:

1. Comment、Digest、Short report、Popular science articles、Technology News, etc.,and less information about the printing page;

2. Meeting briefing、Dynamic、Lecture and other materials materials。

(4) In our province's professional and technical positions in our province, the academic journal level is defined in accordance with the above regulations,Each series no longer formulates separate academic journal level recognition methods。

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Attachment: Reference List of National Authoritative Academic Journal