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Gansu Linyan Technology Engineering Company was established in 1991,It belongs to the Gansu Provincial Forestry Science Research Institute,It is a scientific research、Planning Design、Construction Contract、Specialized company that integrates technical services。
The company's talent resources are rich,6 existing senior engineers,12 engineers,15 technicians; with garden greening、Capture Building、Ecological environment stake sports betting logingovernance、Greenland Management、The professional team of the design and construction of highways and railway greening projects。
The company's strength is strong,5 million yuan in registered funds,With the "Certificate of Class 贰 质" and "Safety Production License" issued by the Gansu Provincial Construction Department,"Forestry Investigation Planning and Design B Certificate" issued by the Forestry Department of Gansu Province。
Companies of the company's instruments,Carry out technical consultation、Diseases and insect pest control、Services such as soil detection and improvement,distribution of biotechnology products such as green plant growth regulators (ABT and GGR)。。
The company's construction performance is significant,Over the years,There are more than 40 construction My stake betting appprojects completed,Involved in garden greening、Highway greening、Railway greening、Wildshan greening, etc.。
Company planning and design adhering to the design concept of nature and harmony,Pursue humanistic care,Completed planning and design more than 30 items,Among them, 25 items are adopted by the commissioned unit。
The company's technical ability has strong ability to tackle,In the "Baozhong Railway Road Base Defense Sand Sand Forest Protection Project",The company's self -listed topic "Selection and Construction Technology Research Research on Sandy Prudential Landblades",The achievement won the second prize of 1999 Gansu Forestry Science and Technology Progress。In the "Baoxi Line Shenyan section of the road (soil、Wind Sand) In the Plant Slope Protection Project Test Project,The best betting sitesstaged results submitted by the company due to the test design of the test、The results are fully adopted by the construction unit as the main body reported by the total project results,In November 2002, through the results of the results organized by the Provincial Department of Science and Technology,Expert evaluation as "Leading in China"。The "Lanzhou North and South Mountains Environment Greening and the" Three Water 'Forestry Project "by our hospital and the company,Water in the tree acupoint、Diger membrane water retention and dry season water replenishment (referred to as "three water") three measures as the core technology system,Used for deserted mountains for afforestation,It can effectively improve the activity and preservation rate of afforestation,Promoting forest growth。 best betting sitesThis technological achievement won the third prize of science and technology progress in Gansu Province in 2003。
Company seedlings breeding center specifications are complete,Rich production experience、technical strength is strong,It is also the selection of forestry breeds of the Gansu Provincial Academy of Forestry Sciences、Quotation、The base of the expansion。
The company insists on technology as the lead、Survival with quality,Follow the reputation first、The business purpose of the owner is satisfied with,Getting good economic and social benefits,Enjoy a high reputation inside and outside the province。