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In November 2015, Xinhua News Agency released"Disabastating words in Xinhua News Agency (first batch)",In the future, it will be added to,In April this year, he released the "Disabled Words and Careful Words in Xinhua News Agency News Information Report (Latest Revision)"。Although this document is formulated by Xinhua News Agency for news reports,But writing literary theory should be observed,so as not to make taboos or errors.。

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1、For those with physical injuries, they do not use "disabled people", "one -eyed dragon", "blind", "deaf", "fool", "nerd", "mentally retarded" and other contempt,"Disabled people", "blind", "deaf", "intellectual obstacles" or "mentally retarded people" and other vocabulary。

2、Report a variety of facts, especially the product、Don’t use "best", "best", "most famous", "most advanced" such as "best"。

3、Reporting pharmaceutical products shall not contain "best efficacy", "cure", "safety prevention", "safety and no side effects", "cure rate" and other vocabulary,Drug reports must not contain "drug -to -disease removal", "invalid refund", "insurance company insurance", "latest technology", "highest technology", "the most advanced method", "the king of medicine", "national new medicine", etc.。

4、Draft Report,Do not use "film emperor", "queen", "superstar", "king", "male god", "goddess" and other vocabulary,You can use "Famous Actor", "Famous Artist", etc.。

5、Reports of various activities of leading comrades at all levels,Careful use "self -personal" and other words。Except for important meetings held by the Party Central Committee and State Council,General meetings do not need to be "grandly held"。

6、The person in charge of domestic leading cadres and state -owned enterprises,Do not use "boss"。

7、The report generally does not intentionally highlight a certain type of group or a certain identity。In the report of disasters,Don’t use "One of the Students of Peking University in the dead,The rest is the similarity of ordinary people "。

8、Do not use "Practicing the" Eight Honor and Eight Shame "","Practice Socialist Outlook on Religious"。

9、The report is prohibited from using "wow", "mom" and other swear words、Black talk。In recent years, the newly created "PK" and "TMD" and so on in the network term (new media can use the word "PK"),You must not use it in the report。Special vocabulary such as "corn", "Gangsi" and "Sweet" produced in the "Star Chasing" activities in recent years,We can only use its original meaning in our news report,Can't use it as the extension of "the star of a star"。If the reference needs in the report,When this kind of vocabulary cannot be avoided,Both quotes should be used,Inject it with parentheses,Digesting its actual connotation。

10、38 uncivilized words that news media and websites should be disabled: pretend to、Grass Mud Horse、Special、Torn、Marlagobi、Blast Juju、jb、Stupid、Ben 屌、Qi B short skirt、Farker squid、Throw your mother、Duffy Chicken、Installation 13、Force、Egg pain、Stupid、Green Tea 婊、Your mother、Table smashing、屌、I bought a little、Has been、Jibao Cat、Mom egg、Funny、I rely on、Bilian、Bichi、Ran and egg、Dog of Dog、fart、Eat Xiang、XX dog、Prostitution、Your sister、Floating Country、Roll thick。

2. Laws and regulations

11、It is not advisable to report its real name when the news releases are involved in the following objects: the family members of the suspect; the minor involved in the case;、Maternal; patients with severe infectious diseases; patients with mental illness; women who are coerced by violence; patients with AIDS; those who have a history of drug use or forced detoxification。Involved in these people,The manuscript can use its real surname plus the word "certain" finger,such as "Zhang", "Li Mou"。It is not suitable to use a pseudonym。

12、Party parties to criminal cases,Before the court was convicted,Do not use "criminals","Criminal Suspect"。

13、In civil and administrative cases,The legal status of the plaintiff and the defendant is equal,The plaintiff can sue,The defendant can also be counterclaim。Do not use the plaintiff "Push the certain defendant's seat" with a subjective color with a subjective color。

14、Do not use "a certain party committee decided to dismiss the administrative administration of a government cadre、Fleement and other punishments ",You can use "Suggesting a certain party committee to give a certain dismissal、Fleement and other punishments "。

15、Do not call the "Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress" as "Deputy Chairman of the National People's Congress",Do not call the "Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress" as "Deputy Director of the Provincial People's Congress"。Member of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress at all levels,Don’t be called the "Standing Committee of the People's Congress"。

16、Research Institutions belonging to the State Council、Direct institutions and other related institutions,The title should be written,No referred to as "State Council"。

17、"Director of the Villagers Committee" referred to as "Village Director",Do not call "village head"。Cadres of college students can be called "college student village officials",Do not call village cadres as "village officials"。

18、Calculating "Thief" and "Rape Mins" in the case report,Do not use its social identity or herbly as a label prefix。For example: a thief who was once a worker,Don't write as a "worker thief"; a professor did a case,Do not write as a "professor criminal"; do not use the "Henan thief" and "Anhui peasant gangster" writing。

19、The head of the Zheng and Deputy Administration of the Audit Office in the State Council calls "Auditor" and "Deputy Auditer",Don't call it "Director" and "Deputy Director"。

20、The "Attorney General" of the Procuratorate at all levels should not be written as "Procuratorate Dean"。

21、It should not be called "stake online sports bettingSecretary of the Communist Party of China XX Provincial Party Committee" and "XX Municipal Party Committee Secretary",It should be called "Secretary of the Communist Party of China XX Provincial Party Committee" and "XX Municipal Party Secretary"。

22、Generally, the "non -party person" is no longer publicized。On specific occasions,If you need to emphasize the identity of the democratic parties,"Non -CCP people"。"Outside the party" mainly emphasize the difference between the Communist Party of China and the party outside the party,It has been agreed to become popular,can continue to use。

23、Except for the expression of the past specific historical period,No longer continuing to use the title of "Minority Supreme People"。

Three, ethnic religious category

24、For all ethnic groups,No humiliated titles circulating in the old society。Can't use "back", "barbarians", etc.,and should use "Hui people" and other。Cannot be referred to as simply,If the "Mongolian" cannot be referred to as "Mongolian","Uyghur" cannot be referred to as "Wei","Korean people" cannot be referred to as "fresh clan"。

25、Disable the humiliation of oral language or professional terms containing the national name,Do not use the "Mongolian Doctor" to refer to "mediocreiac doctor"。Do not use "Mongolians" to refer to "congenital fool" and other。

26、Minority branch system、The tribe cannot be called a nation,It can only be called "XX people",such as "Mosuo", "Sani", "Put (Sichuan) Qingren",It cannot be called "Mosuo", "Sani", "Piercing (Sichuan) Green", etc.。

27、Do not confuse the name of the ancient ethnic group with the later nation name,If you can't call "Gaom Ji" as "Korean",Do not refer to the "Kazakh", "Uzbek", etc.。

28、"Muhammad" usually refers to the Islamic Prophet。Some Muslim names are "Mohammed"。To distinguish and avoid misunderstanding,It should be added with these Muslims,Even with two names。

29、"Muslims" is the general name of Islamic believers,Can't confuse religion and nation。Can't say "Hui people are Islam" "Islam is a Hui"。Make "Arabs" and other puppets in the manuscript,Don't rename "Muslims"。

30、Reports involved in the nation of belief in Islam,Do not mention the content related to pigs。

31、Muslim slaughter cattle and sheep and poultry,Just say "slaughter",Can't write "Kill"。

Four, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, territory, sovereignty

32、Hong Kong、Macau is a special administrative division in China。In any text、Map、Avoid making people mistakenly think that Hong Kong、Macau is the "country"。Especially when using the names of other countries,Pay attention to the "country and region" to limit。

33、No Hong Kong、Macau and China mentioned side by side,such as "China Port", "China Australia", etc.。It is not advisable to put the mainland and Hong Kong、Macau referred to as "Inner Port" and "Inner Australia",You can use "Mainland and Hong Kong (Macau)",or "Beijing, Hong Kong (Australia)", "Shanghai, Hong Kong (Australia)", etc.。

34、"Taiwan" and "Motherland (or 'Continent')" as the corresponding concept,"Hong Kong、Macau "and" Mainland "are corresponding concepts,Do not confuse。

35、Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents must not come to the Mainland (mainland) as "China" or "domestic"。Do not say "Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan tourists come to China (domestic) travel",It should be called "Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan tourists come to the Mainland (Mainland) tourism"。

36、Central leaders comrades visit Hong Kong、Macau should be called "inspect & quot;,must not be called "visit"。Responsible comrades of relevant departments of the central government visited Hong Kong、Macau should be called "inspection" or "access"。

37、Title contains Hong Kong、International Organization of Macau such as the World Trade Organization、Member of the World Meteorological Organization,It should be called "Member of the World Trade Organization" and "Member of the World Meteorological Organization".,must not be called "member country"。

38、In the International Olympic Committee or other sports affairs,In principle, according to the requirements of the corresponding charter or agreement。For example, the "China Olympic Committee" can be referred to as the "China Olympic Committee",The "Hong Kong Olympic Committee of China" can be referred to as "Hong Kong Olympic Committee of China","China National Team" can be referred to as "national team","Hong Kong Team China" can be referred to as "Hong Kong Team"。

39、Division of the concepts of "Hong Kong (Macau) residents (citizens)" and "Hong Kong (Macau) compatriots",The former refers to all the staff living in Hong Kong (Australia),Including permanent residents and non -permanent residents,It also includes Chinese residents and foreign residents,The latter refers to a member of the Chinese nation family。

40、The concept of distinguishing between borders and customs。Borders refers to the territorial scope of a country to exercise sovereignty,From the perspective of the border,Hong Kong and Macau belongs to the "territory"; customs refers to the application of the same customs method or the implementation of the same tariff system,From the perspective of the realm,Hong Kong and Macau's individual customs zone,Compared to the mainland belongs to "overseas"。Mainland personnel go to Hong Kong and Macau without going abroad,Therefore, mainland personnel go to Hong Kong and Macau to be included in the management (border) management。

41、List Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan business as a special category of domestic business for standardized management,The traffic lines between the Mainland and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are called "Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan routes" or "international/Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan routes";,or "International/Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Roaming",It can also be called "cross -border roaming" or "regional roaming"。

42、Hong Kong capital、Australian -funded enterprises enter foreign companies,Use "regarded as foreign capital" when expressing,Most "refer to foreign capital"。

43、Agreement text signed by the Mainland and Hong Kong and Macau in exchanges and cooperation must not be called "treaty",can be called "arrangement" and "agreement", etc.; Shall not be applied to the exclusive term between the country and the country for the mainland and Hong Kong and Macao。

44、Involved in the mainland and Hong Kong and Macau in terms of judicial contact and judicial assistance,Do not apply the terms in international law,If the mainland is in accordance with the foreign civil lawsuit、Criminal proceedings and other procedures to carry out judicial assistance with Hong Kong and Macao,Do not use "Chinese and foreign judicial assistance", "international judicial assistance", "China -Hong Kong (Australia) judicial best betting sitesassistance" and other puppets,It should be expressed as "Inter -Judicial Assistance" or "Mainland and Hong Kong (Macau) Judicial Assistance";,"jurisdiction conflict" and "legal conflict" should be used,No standardized law such as "infringement of judicial sovereignty" shall not be used;,It should be called "transfer or repatriate criminal suspects or criminals"。

45、No Hong Kong、Macau's return to the motherland is called "sovereign transfer" and "recovering sovereignty" should be expressed as the Chinese government's against Hong Kong、Macau "Resume exercise of sovereignty" "political transfer"。Hong Kong before returning、Macau is called "colonial",It can be said that "colonial rule"。No Hong Kong、Macau is deemed to be or "sub -sovereign" region。

46、Do not use the mainland and Hong Kong and Macau "integration" and "integration" or Shenzhen Hong Kong、Zhuhai -Macao "Tongchenghua" and other words,Avoid being interpreted as a fuzzy "two system" boundaries、Not in line with the "one country, two systems" policy。

47、Hong Kong、The official agencies and institutional arrangements of the Macau Special Administrative Region,Should be expressed in accordance with the Basic Law。For example,"Macau Special Administrative Region Legislative Council" must not be said to be "the Legislative Council of the Macau Special Administrative Region Government"; Hong Kong、Macau implements administrative political system,You must not say that "three powers are separated"。

48、Careful quotation of the term and mention of the self -praise of the opposition to Hong Kong and Macao。If you do not use the "Umbrella Movement",,It should be called "illegal 'occupying the middle'" or "illegal 'occupying the middle'";,It should be called "illegal 'Occupy Central" sponsor ",When carrying out public opinion struggle, it can be called "Zhanzhong Three Ugly";,It should be called "former Bishop"。

49、For the Taiwan regime after October 1, 1949,It should be called "Taiwan authorities" or "Taiwan as",Don’t use "Republic of China",Also do not use the "Republic of China" chronological year and flag、Emblem、Song。It is strictly forbidden to use the "President of the Republic of China (Deputy President)",It can be called "Taiwan authorities leaders (deputy leaders)" "" Taiwan regional leaders (deputy leaders) "。 "Presidential Election" for Taiwan,Can be called "Taiwan Leaders Election",referred to as "Taiwan Election"。

50、Do not use the word "Taiwan government"。The official institution name set up in the name of the so -called "country", "central" and "national" does not directly use the name of the Taiwan authorities,"One House" for Taiwan ("Presidential Palace")、"Five Institutes" ("Executive Yuan", "Legislative Yuan", "Justice", "Examination Institute", "Supervision Institute") and its subordinate agencies,such as the "Ministry of the Interior" and "Ministry of Culture",Variable Treatment。For example, "Presidential Palace",It can be called "Taiwan authorities leaders' staff agency" and "Taiwan authorities leader office"; Administrative and Administrative Institutions; for the "Taiwan Authority's Ministry of the Executive Yuan", it can be called "a certain affairs department in Taiwan" and "a certain affairs authority in Taiwan",For example, the "Ministry of Culture" can be called "Taiwan Cultural Affairs Commissioner","Central Bank" can be called the "Taiwan Regional Monetary Policy Manager","Financial Management Association" can be called "Taiwan Regional Financial Supervisory Institution" under special circumstances to directly call the above institution,You must add quotes,My radio and television media need to add the word "so -called"。The MAC can now use it directly,Generally referred to as "Taiwan's Mainland Council" or "Taiwan MAC"。

51、Do not directly use the name of the official names of officials in the official organizations established in the name of the so -called "country", "central" and "national",,It can be called "Taiwan's Famous People", "Taiwanese Political People" or "Mr. XX (Lady)"。For "Secretary -General of the Presidential Palace",It can be called "Taiwan Authorities Leaders Chief of Staff Chief" and "head of the Taiwan authorities leader office";,It can be called "the person in charge of the administrative agency in Taiwan";,It can be called "the person in charge of the competent department of a certain affairs of the Taiwan authorities";,It can be called "Taiwan Regional Public Opinion Representative"。Taiwan Province、City level and below (including Taipei City、Kaohsiung City and other government agencies and officials,Ru Governor、Mayor、County Mayor、Speaker、Member、Township Director、Director、Director, etc.,can be called directly。

52、"Presidential Palace", "Executive Yuan", "National Father Memorial Hall" and other as a place name,When using in the text,Variable Treatment,can be changed to "Taiwan authorities leaders' office", "office space in Taiwan regional administrative institutions", "Taipei Zhongshan Memorial Hall"。

53、The term "government" can be used in province、City、Administrative agencies below the county,Such as "Taiwan Provincial Government" and "Taipei City Government",No quoted number,But the "Fujian Province" and "Lianjiang County" set up by the Taiwan authorities。Provincial province for Taiwan、City、County Administration、Legislative and other institutions,Avoid the use of "local governments" and "local parliament".。

54、When the "Taiwan independence" party "Taiwan Unity Alliance" involved,It must not be referred to as "Taiwan Union",Can be referred to as "Taiwan Union Party"。"Time Power" because of advocating "Taiwan independence",You need to add quotation marks。"Fermosa" and "Formosa" because of colonial colors,Do not use,If you really need to use,Beard quotation marks。

55、For the Kuomintang、DPP、The positions of party agencies and personnel of the Democratic Party,Generally without quotation marks。Chinese Kuomintang and the Communist Party of China can be referred to as "the Communist Party and the Communist Party"。Communication for the two parties and the Communist Party of China,Do not use "Kuomintang Cooperation"、"Third KMT and Communist Cooperation" and other claims。For the Democratic Party、The new party does not crowned the word "Taiwan"。

56、For Taiwanese folk groups,Generally without quotation marks,But for groups that have official backgrounds in the name of folk name,stake sports betting loginFor example, the so -called "Economic and Cultural Representative Office (Office)" set up by Taiwan authorities should add quotes;、Organization (such as "Anti -Communist Patriotic League", "Three People's Principles Unified China Alliance") and the name "Republic of China" must be avoided,or take a variable way to handle。

57、private groups and enterprises and institutions with the words "China" and "China" on the island,Such as Taiwan's "China Airlines", "China Telecom", "Chinese Art Society", "Chinese Taoist Cultural Group Federation", "China Cross -Strait Marriage Coordination Promotion Association",It can be called directly in the front with "Taiwan",No quoted number。

58、Taiwan officials who visited as a folk,All are called their folk identity。Taiwan officials who visited by a cross -strait agreement,It can be called "Cross -Strait XX Agreement, Taiwan Convention", "Person in charge of the competent department of Taiwan XX Affairs"。

59、Universities and cultural institutions with the same name for Taiwan,such as "Tsinghua University", "Palace Museum", etc.,It should be added to Taiwan、Taipei or the area where it is located,For example,Generally does not use the "Taipei Forbidden City" saying。

60、Schools and institutions with the word "national" for Taiwan,The word "national" must be removed when used。Such as "National Taiwan University",It should be called "Taiwan University"; "XX Elementary School" "XX Junior High School",It should be called "XX Primary School" "XX junior high school"。

61、Golden Gate、Mazu Administrative District is affiliated to Fujian Provincial Management,Therefore, it must not be called Jinmen County, Taiwan、Lianjiang County, Taiwan (Matsu District),Can be directly called Golden Gate、Matsu。Geographically,Golden Gate、Mazu belongs to Fujian outlying islands,It must not be called "Taiwan Outly Islands",The saying of "outer island"。

62、The laws and regulations of the Taiwan authorities and its institutions, and various official documents,A quotation marks or transformation treatment。"White Paper" for the Taiwan authorities or its institutions,It can be used with "Book Book" and "File".。

63、The laws of the People's Republic of China must be called "mainland law"。The so -called "constitution" for Taiwan,It should be changed to "Constitutional Regulations in Taiwan","Constitution", "Constitutional Reform", "New Constitution", etc.。"Law" implemented in Taiwan is renamed "relevant regulations in Taiwan"。If the "law" issued by the Taiwan authorities must be quoted,The word "so -called" should be added with quotation marks。Do not use "cross -strait law" and other words such as equal meaning,Specific expression of the relevant content and problems involved,For example, "Cross -Strait Laws Affairs", "Cross -Strait Marriage、Inheritance Questions "," Cross -Strait Investment Protection ", etc.。

64、Cross -Strait relations are Chinese internal affairs,In dealing with Taiwan -related legal affairs and related reports,Never use special terms in international law。Such as "passport", "document certification、Verification "" Judicial Assistance "," Extraction "," Stealing ", etc.,You can use "Travel Certificate", "Cross -Strait Notarization", "Document verification", "judicial cooperation", "judicial mutual assistance", "repatriation", "private crossing"。The term "Strait midline" must be used when involving the Taiwan Strait waters,A quotation marks should be added when referenced。

65、In international occasions involved in my country, China or the People's Republic of China should be called China or the People's Republic of China,Can't call itself "mainland"; when involved in Taiwan, "Taiwan, China",and can not be tied in Taiwan and other countries,It should be marked when it needs to be tied for "country and region"。

66、International economic and trade that does not belong to international organizations and folk that can only participate in the sovereign countries、Culture、Taiwan Group Institutions in Sports Organization,Can't be called "Taiwan" or "Taipei",It should be called "Taipei, China" and "Taiwan"。If you use "Chinese Taipei",You need to ask the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Taiwan Affairs Office in advance。

67、The name of Taiwan in the WTO is "Taiwan、Penghu、Golden Gate、Matsu's Solid Customs Zone "(referred to as" China Taipei Solid Termer Customs Zone ")。Since 2008, I have arranged an international organization that allows Taiwan to participate,If the World Health Conference、International Civil Aviation Organization Convention Conference,According to the agreement between the two parties, the Taiwan delegation is "Chinese Taipei" 。

68、Cross -Strait exchange activities should be called "XX activity on both sides of the Taiwan Strait"。Taiwan and Hong Kong and Macau should be called "Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan" or "Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Region"。Exchange activities jointly organized by the two sides of the Taiwan Straits and Hong Kong and Macao,No "middle、Port、Taiwan ""、Ao、Taiwan ""、Port、Ao、Terrace "and other expressions,It should be called "Cross -Strait and Hong Kong", "Cross -Strait and Macau", "Cross -Strait and Hong Kong、Macau "。Not using the "three (four) places on both sides of the strait"。

69、Taiwanese businessmen invest in mainland motherland,Do not call "Chinese and foreign joint ventures" and "China -Taiwan joint venture",It can be called "Shanghai -Taiwan joint venture", "Guitai joint venture", etc.。Taiwanese businessmen who come to invest can be called "Taiwanese",Cannot be called "foreign"; corresponding to this,My relevant province、Area、City,Can't be called "China",It can be called "Fujian Fang", "Shanghai Fang", etc.。

70、Taiwan is a province in China,But consider the psychological feelings of Taiwan compatriots,Now it is generally not called "Taiwan Province",Multi -use "Taiwan region" or "Taiwan"。

71、Political terms with the nature of "Taiwan independence" should be added with quotation marks,For example。

72、Political terms of "de -Chineseization" in the field of education and culture in Taiwan,It should be dealt with combined with context mean and context.。such as "local" and "subject consciousness", etc.,Rus is separated from the motherland、The meaning of opposite should be added with quotation marks。

73、Netherlands、Japan's occupation and colonial rule of Taiwan shall not be referred to as "He Zhi" and "Japanese rule"。You must not give my central government's governance stake online sports bettingof Taiwan and the Netherlands、Japan's occupation and colonial rule of Taiwan。

74、Involved in Taiwanese compatriots cannot be called "the whole people" and "citizen",It can be called "Taiwanese people", "Taiwanese people" and "Taiwan compatriots"。

75、I must not call China "Mainland" when not involved in Taiwan,No use of "Mainland China",Only relative to Taiwan can be used。If you must not use the "mainland reform and opening up" and "mainland pop song rankings" and other mention methods,Instead。

76、Do not claim to be the government of the People's Republic of China as "Mainland Government",It must not be in front of the central government's institutions "Mainland",If the "Mainland National Cultural Relics Bureau",Do not call national statistics as "Mainland Statistics"。When involving important statistics nationwide,If it does not include Taiwan statistics,,It should be marked with "not included in Taiwan Province" after statistical statistics nationwide。

77、Generally, "before liberation (post -liberation) or" before the founding of the New China) "uses" before the establishment of the People's Republic。

78、Central leadership comrades -related activities,Use different titles according to the occasion,,Multi -use party position。

79、The full name of the Central and Taiwan Office is "Taiwan Central Taiwan Work Office",The full name of the Taiwan Affairs Office is "Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council",It can be referred to as "Central Taiwan Office (Central Taiwan Office)" "Taiwan Office (Taiwan Affairs Office)",Pay attention to its different titles and use on different occasions,,Multi -use "Central Taiwan Office (Central Taiwan Office)"。

80、"Cross -Strait Relations Association" is referred to as "Marine Association",No "Continent"; "Taiwan Strait Exchange Foundation" can be referred to as "Sea Foundation" or "Taiwan Sea Foundation"。The leaders of the Maritime Association said "President",The leader of the Sea Foundation said "Chairman"。Two institutions can be merged as "two sessions" or "Cross -Strait and two sessions"。Don’t call the two associations as "white gloves"。

81、The Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council contacted the communication mechanism of the Taiwan MAC,Is the dialogue platform for the competent department of both sides of the two sides,must not be called "official contact"。This mechanism,No expansion of other business authorities on both sides of the strait。

82、"1992 Consensus",No use of Taiwan's "1992 Consensus、Table of Middle Schools "。A Chinese principle、A Chinese policy、A Chinese framework does not add quotes,"One Country, Two Systems" plus quotation number。

83、Taiwan compatriots via Japan、The United States and other countries to and from the mainland and Taiwan,Cannot be called "returning to the mainland through the third country" or "return to Taiwan through the third country",It should be called "via other countries" or "return to the mainland (or Taiwan) through XX countries"。

84、Do not call the Chinese dialects used by the people in Taiwan as "Taiwanese",All kinds of publications、The words "Taiwanese" must not be used or appear in various places,If Taiwanese singers cannot simply refer to "Taiwanese" singer,It can be called "Taiwan Minnan" singer,A quotation marks should be added when it is indeed unavailable。The quotation marks should be added when the so -called "Mandarin" involved in the so -called "Mandarin" in Taiwan,"Cross -Strait Chinese" should be used when interchanging cross -strait language exchanges,Unlike "Chinese Chinese"。

85、Nothing to call "Aboriginal people" for ethnic minorities in Taiwan,It can be called Taiwan's ethnic minorities or specific names,Such as "Amei" and "Yaya"。It is still called the Takayama tribe in the formal document of the country。

86、The word "small three" for Taiwan,A quotation marks must be added when used,or "Fujian coast and Golden Gate、Direct exchanges in the Mazu area "。

87、To the Nansha Islands must not be called the "Sprratley Islands"。

88. The Diaoyu Islands must not be called the "Shounge Islands".

89、It is strictly forbidden to refer to Xinjiang as "East Turkistan",When involving Xinjiang division forces,Don’t use "Xinjiang independence" and "Wei independence"。

5. International relations

90、Among some members of the international organization,Including both in some countries and some regions。When involving such international organizations,Do not use "member country",should use "member" or "member",If you cannot use the "Member State of the World Trade Organization" and "Member State of the Asia -Pacific Economic Cooperation Organization",Instead of using the "Member of the World Trade Organization", "Member of the World Trade Organization", "Members", "Members)," Member Economies)。"Informal Meeting of the Leaders of the Asia -Pacific Economic Cooperation Organization",The "Asia -Pacific Organization Summit" should not be used。The English titles of the Taiwan side in the Asia -Pacific Organization Organization are Chinese taipei,Chinese translation should be used with caution,I call "Chinese Taipei",CIT called "Chinese Taipei",Do not call it "Taiwan" or "Taiwan"。

91、Do not use "North Korea (North Korea)" to call "North Korea's Democratic People's Republic",Can be directly referred to as "North Korea"。English should be used "The Democratic People'S republic of korea "or use the abbreviation" DPRK & Quot; 。

92、Do not use "Muslims" or "Muslim World",You can use "Islamic State" or "Islamic World"。But fully respect the definition of the country's own,If Indonesia does not call itself "Islamic State"。

93、Do not use "Arab militia",should use "militia armed" or "tribal armed"。

94、When reporting social crimes and armed conflicts,Generally do not deliberately highlight the skin color of criminal suspects and conflict participants、race and gender characteristics。For example,In the report, the "black gangster" should be avoided,You can directly use "Gangs"。

95、Do not call the area south of the Sahara Desert as "Black Africa",should be called "Sahara Desert South Africa"。

96、Public reports do not use "Islamic Temporars" and "Islamic Native Trimist" and other sayings,You can use "Religious Auditism (radical、Audit Organization) "replacement。When you can't avoid it, you must use it,You can use "Islamic Audit Organization (Member)",But do not use "Audit Islamic Organization (Member)"。

97、In reports involved in Arab and the Middle East,,Do not use best betting sites"Cross (East Expedition)" and other sayings。

98、Report on the death of the combatants in the international war,Vocabulary such as "kill" and "be killed",No vocabulary such as "sacrifice",Vocabulary such as "kill"。

99、Don't call Hamas a terrorist organization or extreme organization。

100、Under normal circumstances, "former Soviet Union & Quot;,"Soviet Union"。

101、"Eastern Ukrainian Folk Armed Forces" should not be used without using "Ukraine pro -Russian armed forces", "Ukrainian militia forces", "Ukrainian splitors", etc.。

102、Not using the "Belt and Road" strategy,Use the "Belt and Road" initiative。