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Recent,In the theme education activity,According to "Passing the beginning of the heart、Find a gap,Mission、Grasping implementation "and the deployment of the Provincial Forest and Cao Bureau,The Provincial Academy of Forestry has determined six topics,The leaders of the hospital lead the research work,Exchange results。
Research and development,my country's Provincial Forestry Research Institute,1 person who has published a few papers per capita in the past five years,3 articles,Average single papers are referenced only 2 ~ 3 times,Provincial Academy of Forestry Sciences at the middle and lower reaches。Published with a papers per year with each year、Single articles are referenced by more than a hundred high -output scientific research units,The gap between the Provincial Forestry and Grass Industry Research Institute is very obvious。Analysis believes,The cause of this gap,One is writing anxiety,The second is to explain the power of idling,Third is the misalignment of appreciation,Fourth is the loss of self -science。
Writing anxiety refers to fear、Psychological state of worrying and evasion of writing。Many scientific researchers' writing anxiety disorders have increased without decrease,When you have stake betting appto write a thesis,I can only write things in accordance with Fan Wen and step by step,It is often over and over on the key chapters。Many scientific researchers have a lot of phases,There are many novel and unique features,I feel deeply available when writing and writing。Paper writing should be expanded around the central idea,Requirement materials detailed、Ferry precision、Simple language、Rigidity and strict logic,Can't "say for new words for new words",Can't use empty words、Word、Official words、Luo Circle irrigation and water number。The paper belongs to a special prose,Requires the shape of the shape and the god of gathering,To condense the center of thought,Like a red line running through the full text。Many scientific researchers can publish papers,But if you don’t write or write ordinary prose。Many units of portal website are rare in the forest and grass industry science original articles。Due to writing anxiety,Researchers published papers,More task operations forced by "I want me to write",instead of "I want to write" conscious behavior。Scientific researchers contribute to society with intellectual products,Only a large number of papers,can we practice "seeking happiness for the Chinese people,The original intention and mission of the Chinese nation,You must strive to step into the realm of "I want to write"。
Explanation is recognizable technology、The scientific principle behind the natural process or phenomenon,and use logic and theoretical knowledge to give scientific interpretation abilities。Forest and Cao Industry is the main industry of best betting sitesecological civilization,Many ecological processes、Biological phenomena and their society related things have not been explained by the system。but,When asking questions on the Internet,Either response is rare,Either explain broadly,empty talk、Word、Official words、There are many and well -known truth in the Luoyuan.,Exposure as explanation power idling,Like a car in the idle speed,Come on, it's just a step in place。Lack of explanation power will seriously restrain scientific research innovation capabilities,Restriction of scientific research benefits,I even happened to solve the problem、I don’t know if I have a new discovery。No explanation,I can't mention specific scientific problems,Can't mention high -value research topics,I can’t write high -quality papers。
Appreciation power refers to appreciation、Identification、Judgment、Evaluate the ability of the works of the work to be beautiful and ugly,Scientific appreciation is appreciation、Knowing、Identification、Judgment、Evaluation of scientific research achievements and obtaining a sense of pleasure。The human brain cannot be idling for a long time,Understanding the truth is a very pleasant thing。When people are idle,What will always appreciate,Get pleasure from it。Now the popularity of smartphones,Internet reading convenience,so that many people have become low -headed people,Holding a mobile phone to read anytime, anywhere,For the article or videos you like your favorite,Share with friends。but,Still WeChat Circle,Still WeChat Circle,It is difficult My stake betting appto see colleagues from forest and grass industry sharing scientific discovery and scientific research results,Share content is mostly some society -related things,Makes people feel,The sharedrs are sociologists,instead of scientific researchers from forest and grass,Explain that its appreciation power has been misplaced。The dislocation of the appreciation force also leads to the sense of running bias,It is believed that only the length of the promotion title is obtained,I have never been satisfied with the mystery of science。Good scientific appreciation help helps to see the masters of science,steadily advanced on the road of scientific research。Good scientific appreciation can effectively cultivate your own scientific interest,influence your scientific quality,Enhanced explanation,and even passion to the realm of "I want to write"。
Self -popular science is to promote and popularize your own scientific research results。Knowledge Explosion,"Jiu Xiang is also afraid of the alley deep",In the highly developed information age of the media,Silence means sinking,It means that it is mud with sediment。So,Scientific researchers must be good at self -popularization,Popular science style、News Corporation,and other media forms that people like to see,Flowing with popular、Live and bright language self -popularization,Budging from the form of soft texts and announced。Unfortunately,The QQ spaces of the colleagues of the forest and grass industry are mostly empty and empty,WeChat friends are also rare in the circle of friends,It is difficult to find related articles on the portal of many stake sports betting loginscientific research institutes。This can be seen,Forest and Cao Industry Researchers Self -Science Popularization seriously lost position。
General Education General Requirements,Writing anxiety、Explanation power idling、Appreciation force dislocation、Self -popular science lost position,In the final analysis, it deviates from the original heart,Forgot the mission。So,Researchers from forest and grass industry must learn hard and practice,Efforts to overcome writing anxiety; try widely,Try to get rid of the explanation power and idleness; to calm down,Read a large number of reviews scientific report,Want to try to cultivate professional interests,Correct the misalignment of appreciation as soon as possible; work hard to learn a variety of cultural writing skills,Do your best to write both papers and prose,Promote the popularity of self -department。
For this,Four suggestions on the unit level: First, call on Communist Party members and cadres to take the lead in "return to the beginning of the heart in scientific research activities,Mission "; second, create a strong scientific research atmosphere,Vigorously promote academic exchanges; the third is to establish a harmonious atmosphere of appreciation; fourth is to create the mechanism of the elderly with newcomers。