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Source: Party Branch of the Loess Area Governance Institute

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(Reporter Li Deli, a correspondent on this site) In the afternoon of March 20,The Party Branch of the Provincial Academy of Forestry Science and Technology of the My stake betting appLoess Area of ​​the Provincial Academy of Forestry held a 2022 branch organization life meeting,All party members of the branch attended the meeting。

Before the meeting,The Party Branch insists on the guidance of Xi Jinping's thoughts of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era,Organize party members to study the 20 major reports of the party、The Party Constitution and the "Communist Party of Gansu Province Forestry and Grassland Administration directly -affiliated organ committee & LT;,Extensive solicitation suggestions,Deepen the talk,Strictly best betting sitescheck the problem,The foundation has laid the foundation for the opening of the organizational life。

will be on,Side Secretary Mo Baoru made a report on behalf of the branch,Report the branch to check the problem,and ask party members to review,All party members carried out criticism and self -criticism one by one。Last,Democratic evaluation work。

Conference emphasized,All party members and cadres should take this organizational life as an opportunity,Questions on the investigation and the opinions and suggestions of the party members and stake betting appthe masses,Develop rectification measures,Make a rectification commitment,Make sure that the rectification is implemented、True,Really implement the effectiveness of the organizational life meeting。

Meeting requirements,Comrades of all party members must continue to strengthen political theory learning,Improve political standing; at the same time,To understand the national strategic needs and the action deployment of the forest and grass department,and combined with the actual research work of the unit and rely on the research platform stake betting appof the unit,Fighting hard,Pioneering Innovation,contribute to the construction of a beautiful China。