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Author: Qiu Chun

(Reported by Correspondent of this site) March 23, 2023,The Party Branch of the Department of Planning and Finance held the 2022 Organization Life Meeting and Democratic Review My stake betting appParty Member Conference。

will be on the meeting,Secretary of the Party Branch notified before preparations,On behalf of the branch, a control check was conducted,Review of party members。The attitude of party members with truth -seeking,Not covering the problem,Do not avoid contradictions,Improve itself、Self -purification as a starting point for self -criticism,Enhanced unity、together to improve the foothold as a criticism of criticism,Fingerprints of frankness,Speaking to help improve,Everyone heard the truth、I found best betting sitesthe real problem、Get new consensus,reached a unified thought,Self -examination、Help comrades、Purpose of promoting unity,Fully demonstrated the political nature of the political life within the party、serious。Subsequent,All party members strictly follow the personal self -evaluation、Mutual evaluation of party members、Procedures for democratic evaluation,Compared with party membership standards and evaluations, etc.,Fill in the review form in an unknown way,Democratic evaluation of party members。

Member stake sports betting loginof the Party Committee of the Academy、Comrade Cai Guojun in charge of the leader attended the meeting,and review the organization life meeting。

Through this organization life meeting,All party members keep their hearts、Mission、Find a gap、Grab implementation,Deep understanding of the decisive significance of "two establishment",In promoting party members to enhance the "four consciousness",firm "four self -confidence"、Get "two maintenance",Practice the original mission,Responsibility for performing duties、stake sports betting loginSolidarity and forge ahead,Push the party's self -revolution in the new era to deepen。