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Source: Party Branch of Forest and Wetland Research Institute


(Reported by correspondent Wang Runjuan on this site) March 27,The Party Branch of the Forest and Wetland Research Institute organized the "New Bureau of Deep Learning, Thorns, and Apartusing,The theme party class learning of the new journey is stable and far away,The branch secretary Chen Wenye taught a special party lesson entitled "2023 Government Work Report"。All party members of the branch participation,Comrade Chen Wenye chaired the meeting。The meeting was performed by the Tencent meeting video。

First of stake sports betting loginall, Comrade Chen Wenye reviewed the work report of government work (hereinafter referred to as "Report") in the past year and five years.,To strengthen stake online sports bettingecological environmental protection、Detailed study of promoting green and low -carbon development。

"Report" first clarified that the past year is an extremely important year in the history of the party and state、It has been extremely unusual in the past five years; followed by,It is clearly put forward the overall requirements of economic and social development this year;,Determine the main expectations of the development of this year and the key work of the eight aspects。"Report" takes the development of green transformation as one of the key tasks this year,From pollution prevention、Basin governance and environmental investment、Construction of new energy system、Green development and circular development have made deployment of stake online sports bettingecological environment work。

At the end of the meeting,branch secretary combined with work actual work,Require all party members of the branch to firmly grasp the worldview and methodology of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics,and put forward the following two requirements for the next stage of work: First, adhere to deep learning and enlightenment,Focus on learning to understand the whole work。Adhere to the combination of centralized science and personal learning,Coordinated comprehensive learning、System Study、Promotion of in -depth learning,truly deeply understand the "Report" rich connotation and spiritual essence。Second, he insists on using Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics and Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought,Comprehensively implement the 20th spirit of the party,According to the Provincial Party best betting sitesCommittee、Provincial Government arrangement deployment,Take the opportunity to carry out the "three grasping and three promotion" operations,Continuously accelerate the deep integration of the "three grasping and three promotion" actions and the essential work,Further improves ideological understanding、Take a solid and effective work measure,Implementation tasks,Performing duties and duties,Give full play to the role of the pioneer of party members,No to promote the implementation of various tasks of the year,"Three Grabs and Three Promotion" action to help push the key work of forest grass to improve quality and efficiency。 

This party class drumming morale、Promoting the spirit,strongly inspired the work enthusiasm of all party members and cadres,Everyone said that 2023 is the beginning of the implementation of the 20th National Congress report and the implementation stake betting appof the "14th Five -Year Plan".,This year's "Report",Fully implemented the decision -making deployment of the Party Central Committee、Fully responded to social concerns,Proposed the main expected goals of economic and social development this year、Macro policy orientation and key tasks of government work,Is a truthfulness and pragmatic、Report urgent for Entrusted,Direction and path for us to do a good job of doing all this year。