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Source: Institute of Ecological Governance of the Loess Area

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(Reporter Mo Baoru, a correspondent on this site) To celebrate the 102nd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China,In -depth study and implementation of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideological theme education,Promote stake sports betting loginthe implementation of the "three grasping and three promotion" operations,July 1, 2023,The Party Committee of the Provincial Academy of Forestry Sciences organizes all branches of the Provincial Forestry Bureau and the Party Branch of the Forestry Cao Bureau and the branch of the Party Committee of Gulang County Forestry Bureau to carry out the "listening to model deeds,Draw the Forwarding Power "theme party day activity。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Academy of Forestry Sciences、Secretary of the Party Branch of the Provincial Forest and Caozi Bureau's Returning Capital Office、Secretary of the Party Committee My stake betting appof the Lincao Bureau of Gulang County, the secretary of the branch and the party members participated in the relevant activities。

In the eight steps of the "six old man" in the eight -step sand, the sand prevention and sand control museum and the scene of the sand control,All party members review the entrustment of General Secretary Jinping,Learn the spirit of Yu Gong in the new era,Do not bow your head in front of difficulties、Dare to make the aggressive spirit of the desert become oasis,Give full play to the pioneering model of the Communist Party members,Dare to rush up,can mobilize the masses、condense、Organize,Connect again,Jiu Jiu stake betting appis merit,Make the Great Wall of Great Wall is indestructible。Subsequent,Model of the Times、Forestry Heroes、The second -generation sand controller Guo Wangang discussed,Listen to the "Six Old Han" three generations are not afraid of difficulties、The touching deeds of sand control and afforestation,Persevere in the eight steps of "Six Old Han" insist on improving the ecological environment、Let the selfless dedication and hard work behind the desert turning green。

Through this activity,greatly inspired the enthusiasm of comrades to work hard,Everyone said unanimously,Based on my job,Don’t stake online sports bettingforget the original intention、Remember the mission,Actively respond to the strategic needs of national ecological civilization,devoted my wholeheartedly to the cause of the forest and grass,Shen to the front line of forest grass、Hope to be down -to -earth,Promote the high -quality development of Gansu Lincao business, see the effectiveness。