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Source: Forest and Wetland Research Institute


(Reported by Correspondent Tan Yan Rong) March 7,The first guidance group of the first guidance group of Gansu Province, Gansu Province, Gansu Province, as the leader of the Provincial Academy of Forestry,Census and My stake betting appcollection of forest grass species resource census and collection of Lianhuashan National Nature Reserve Management and Protection Center。

The guidance group shall be in accordance with the requirements of the technical index system of the "Gansu Provincial Forest Grass Segee Resources Survey and Collection of Technical Operations",Using the "Gansu Forest Grass Seeds Resource Survey System" to complete the work of the inspection unit、The integrity and logic of internal data for inspection,Timely correction of the problems found in the inspection at the same time,and form stake betting app"rectification opinion"。The guidance group invited Su Wei, a second -level investigator of the Gansu Provincial Forest Wood Seed Miao Station, to solve doubts about the difficulties in the census and collection work。

This time the province's forest grass species resource survey and collection work,The Academy of Forestry Sciences is responsible for Tianshui City、Technical guidance and inspection of 26 units including 26 units including Longnan City and Lianhua Mountain National Nature Reserve,The total area of ​​the census is 3.66 million hectares,Investigation My stake betting appSample Line 1048 kilometers,Investigation of 8320 samples。Provincial Academy of Forestry Sciences will strictly follow the requirements of the "Gansu Province's First Forest Grass Seeds Census Survey and Collection Work Plan", "Gansu Province Forest Grass Segee Resources Census and Collection Technical Operation Rules,The survey unit of the responsible area to carry out technical review one by one、Internal inspection and external industry spot checks,Comprehensive inspection census data and spot checks and verification of the quality of the external industry,Ensure that all units complete various census work tasks as required。