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Source: Forest and Wetland Research Institute

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(Reported by correspondent Chen Wenye) In -depth study and understanding the "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China",solidly promotes party discipline learning and education to go and go deeply。According to the requirements of the party committee of the hospital,Arrange according to the branch party discipline learning and education plan of the branch,May 11th,The Party Branch stake betting appof the Forest and Wetland Research Institute held a seminar of party discipline learning and education,Concentratedly studied General Secretary Xi Jinping's article "Organize and mobilize hundreds of millions of employees to actively participate in the construction of a strong country、The Great Career of National Revival "" Seeking "magazine commentator article" Ji Ji、Zhiji、Mingji、Shouji "。All party members and cadres of the branch made exchanges and discussions。

In a discussion speech,Comrades participating comrades close to the party's political discipline、Organizational discipline、Clean Discipline、Mass discipline、Work Discipline、Six Discipline of Discipline,Tightly connect with the actual work and work,Talk My stake betting appabout knowing one by one、Talk about experience、Talk about plan。Everyone thinks,New revised "Regulations",I made more details on the sixth discipline、stricter regulations,Fully drawn out of the non -touching disciplinary red line。Political direction for party organizations at all levels and all party members、Political position、Political remarks、Disciplinary rules in political behavior have been further made in detail,and focusing on the act of violating political discipline。Everyone said,It will deeply understand the significance of the party discipline study and education,Take the study of the "Regulations" as the primary political task,Consciously achieved discipline、Zhiji、Mingji、My stake betting appShouji,Effectively engraved the rules and regulations in the heart,Internalization in the heart、Externalization,Always be loyal、Clean、Responsibility,Effectiveness to be afraid、There is a precepts、Stop it。Convert the results of party discipline learning and education into a powerful guarantee for the innovation of forestry technology。

Meeting requirements,Carrying out party discipline learning and education is an important task for party building work this year,Each party member and cadres must accurately grasp the main requirements and regulations of the main purpose of the Communist Party of China,Consciously develops the habit of "active learning and active",Effectively integrate party discipline learning and education into daily、Grab in frequent、 best betting sitesStrict in normal。Study Ji、Zhiji、Mingji、New progress and new improvement in Shouji,Improve the implementation effectiveness of the key work with strict party discipline,Practicing the pioneer model of party members with practical actions。