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Source: Forestry Science and Technology Consultation Center、Technology Information Center、Institute of Ecological Governance of the Loess Area、Wang Sanying、Lu Juan




(Correspondent Zhang My stake betting appJiqiang、Wang Sanying、Reported by Lu Juan) According to the first batch of forest vegetation recovery fees in Gansu Forestry and Grassland Bureau in 2023,Gansu Provincial Institute of Forestry Sciences recently organized professional and technical staff,In the Gongba River Basin, Gongba County, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Gannan Prefecture,Carry out the survey and sampling work of Daiguo Qingyao Resources。

The technical staff on the basis of consulting the literature and visiting best betting sitessurvey,Carried out a field inspection in the field,combined with near -ground image information,The distribution range of the large fruits and green crickets in this basin。At the same time, technicians conducted sample investigations and sampling work for the large fruit and green crickets of different communities,Detailed recorded the distribution of the large fruit green 杄、slope、slope、Information such as soil type and community species composition。Not found Da Guo Qingya Chunlin,stake betting appMulti -scattered distribution,Habitat is mainly the gap of rock gaps at the bottom of the valley or the mountainside,The degree of stenosis in the distributed area and the degree of broken habitats are more obvious。

A survey of more than 10 days,Further understanding the distribution of Da Guo Qingya resources in our province、Basic information such as growth and habitat status,Provides basic data support for subsequent effective protection。