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Source: Scientific Research Project Management Department

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(Correspondent Li Zenian report)On the afternoon of May 21,Secretary of the Party Group of the Provincial Forestry and Grassland Bureau、Director Zhang Xuchen went to the Provincial Academy of Forestry Sciences to investigate the construction of five -star ping scientific research base。Zhang Xuchen emphasized,Persist in the guidance of Xi Jinping's thought of ecological civilization,centered on the ecological construction of forest and grass in Gansu Province,Scientific and reasonable planning layout,Under the premise of safe and orderly,We must have short -term planning and long -term My stake betting appdevelopment layout,Steady promotion of the construction of scientific research bases,Create a provincial -level forestry scientific research institution benchmark,Surrounding the center,Services,Do a good plan for planning。

Zhang Xuchen looked at the road of Wu Xingping scientific research base in detail、Dangerous Room、greenhouse、Forest Wood Genre Resource Library、New transformation office, etc.。Quotation and screening of germplasm resources,He emphasizes the construction of the Forest Sciences to strengthen the construction of the forest and grass species resource library,Start from the actual needs of ecological construction in Gansu,Fully consider regional climate conditions and tree species adaptability,Focus on the study of local tree species,Serving the province's ecological construction、Especially the overall situation of the construction of the "Sanbei" project。View the existing dangerous house in the base,He repeatedly emphasizes security is best betting sitesthe first place,In the case of allowing urban construction,Disassembly for demolition,Do not leave hidden safety hazards,Security is the top priority。

After listening to the work report of Vice President Ma Quanlin in Wuxingping Base,Zhang Xuchen fully affirmed the achievements made by the Forestry Academy in recent years in the construction and technological innovation aspects。He thinks,Provincial Academy of Forestry Sciences with the efforts of all cadres and employees,The construction of the base has a new look and new weather,Clear work ideas,It took a lot of effort to solve the problem,A substantial progress of various tasks,I hope the leadership team of the Forest Sciences will further strengthen unity,Beckham cherished the hard -won scientific research base,Provincial Forest and Cao Bureau Regulatory Office、Creation of the Science and Information Office,Support the construction of Wuxingping Base。In terms of scientific research,stake betting appHe requires science and technology personnel to closely seize the great opportunity of the construction of the "Three Norths" project,Surrounding the central service situation,Do a good job of top -level design,Do a good job of drought forestry;,Key laboratory、Central scientific research activities to attract、Gathering talents。

Last,Director Zhang Xuchen's request,Provincial Academy of Forestry Sciences is less personnel、In the case of relatively weak foundation,Make a problem -oriented,Hold the fist and grab the key points,Avoid "flowering everywhere"; quantitative assessment indicators based on the National Forestry Research Institute,Emphasized shortcomings,Enhance the competitiveness between peers; to strive to strive for provincial key laboratories,and focus on the construction of natural protection for natural protection systems with national parks,Strengthening forest grass carbon exchange、Grass quality resources、stake betting appStudies in Drought Forestry and other aspects,Provide powerful technological support for the construction of ecological civilization in our province。Director Zhang Xuchen's representative provincial bureau stated that he will continue to increase its support for the Forestry Academy of Sciences,The Academy of Forestry Sciences must establish confidence,A new chapter!

Director of the Office of the Provincial Forest and Grass Bureau Li Xiaoyun、Director Wang Jianqiang, Director of the Science and Information Division, participated in the survey。