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Source: Forest and Wetland Institute

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(Reported by correspondent Xiao Yunfei)In -depth study and understanding the "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"),Comprehensive Creation of Academic Division、Zhiji、Mingji、A good atmosphere of Definement,According to the requirements of the party committee of My stake betting appthe hospital,Arrange according to the branch party discipline learning and education plan of the branch,June 4,The Party Branch of the Forest and Wetland Research Institute of the Provincial Academy of Forestry held a special party lesson for party discipline learning and education,The branch secretary Chen Wenye made a special party lesson with the theme of the theme of the "Learning Regulations, the Party Discipline and the Party, and the Party Sexual Deading Line,All party members of the branch participation。

will be on,Comrade Chen Wenye focuses on the significance of amending the "Regulations" around deep understanding、Accurately grasp the main point of the main purpose of the revision of the Regulations、Grasp the stake betting appimplementation of the Regulations,Three aspects of the party's self -revolution with strict discipline,In -depth explanation and explanation,Make the party members of the branch deeper about the Regulations、More comprehensive understanding and mastering。Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,The Party Central Committee revised the "Regulations" three times,Always persist in strict tone、Strict measures、Strict atmosphere,Continuously improved discipline rules,Carry out the party's great self -revolution,fully demonstrate the unswervingly promoting the political determination and distinctive attitude of comprehensively promoting the party's political determination。

The party members of the meeting have stated that they will take this party class as an opportunity,In -depth study of the party's discipline and rules,Enhanced political awareness。I agree,As a party member and cadre,It should be an example,Combined with your actual work,Give play to the role of vanguard,Fully promote the various businesses in the institute to achieve high -quality development。

Meeting requirements,All party members and cadres should take party discipline learning and education as an opportunity,To be true and true enlightenment,Enter the brain and go deep and go deeply,Constantly enhance discipline consciousness and improve party spirit,Based on your post,Enhance stake betting appthe motivation of the officer to start a business,The actual excellent discipline style provides a strong guarantee for the high -quality development of forestry technology。