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Source: Organization of the Party Branch of the Ministry of Personnel

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(Reported by the correspondent Wang Ziqiao)According to the Provincial Academy of Forestry Sciences、Organize the Party's Discipline Learning Education Work best betting sitesPlan and the "Three Meetings and One Lesson" arrangement,June 7,Organize the Party Branch of the Personnel Department to conduct a special counseling of party discipline education and education,All party members of the branch participation。

The branch secretary Wei Jiaying takes the theme of "The Guardian of Loyalty of the Party Discipline",Combined with party discipline learning and education,Study Ji、Zhiji、Mingji、Four aspects of Shouji,In -depth explanation,Deepen the party members' understanding of the Regulations,Promoting best betting sitesthe Regulations into the mind,Further promote the turn of party members and cadres to the wind、Tree fresh wind,Yan Ming's political discipline and political rules,Constantly enhance self -purification、Self -improvement、Self -innovation、Self -improvement ability。

The party members deeply realize,Carrying out party discipline learning and education is currently an important political task,is the rules of behavior、It is an important guarantee,Only memorize discipline and rules in the heart,Only when you can always be in awe,Keep your own best betting sitesresponsibilities and mission,Convert the discipline of iron into our action to follow,Frequent ideological alarm clock、String of Strings of Chang Discipline、Frequent awe heart,Further strengthen discipline consciousness、Strengthen self -constraint、Improve immunity、Enhanced political determination,Be a loyal and clean qualified party member。