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Source: Forest and Wetland Institute

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(reporter Hao Jing reported) June 12-14, 2024,The Desert Branch of the Chinese Geography Society、China Sands and Sands Society Professional Committee、Sanbei Engineering Research Institute co -sponsored,Gansu Provincial Science and Technology Association、Support of Forestry and Grassland Bureau of Gansu Province,The Institute of Ecological Environmental Resources Research, Northwest of the Chinese Academy of Sciences、Ecological safety and sustainable development of ecological safety and sustainable development of the arid area、Co -hosted by the Gansu Provincial Science and Technology Journal Society and the editorial department of "China Desert",The 2024 Gansu Academic Annual Conference series of 33 units including Gansu Province Forestry stake betting appScience Research Institute, including 33 units, "Comprehensive Prevention and Treatment of Desertification and 'Three North' Engineering Construction Academic Symposium and the 40 Years of Academic Symposium in the China Desert" Lanzhou is held。Experts and scholars from 133 institutions across the country attended the meeting,Deputy Dean Ma Quanlin of the Provincial Academy of Forestry Sciences led relevant scientific and technological personnel to participate on the spot。

Chairman of the Provincial Science and Technology Association Zhang Shizhen attended the meeting and delivered a speech;、Secretary -General Yang Wenbin,Chairman of the Chinese Society of Geographical Society Chen Fahu,Academician Feng Qi,Party Secretary of the Party Group of Forestry and Grassland of Gansu Province、Director Zhang Xuchen and others made a speech。Honorary Chairman of China Biological Diversity Protection and Green Development Foundation、Original Vice Governor of Gansu Province Liu Shu,Shanghai Jiaotong University Qianxuesen Library curator、Qian Yonggang, chairman of the Chinese stake online sports bettingAviation Qian Xuesen Decision Consulting Committee, and other congratulatory words。

The theme of this seminar is "Comprehensive Control of Desertification and the Construction of the" Three North 'Projects ",It aims to thoroughly study and implement the 20th spirit of the party and General Secretary Xi Jinping in strengthening the comprehensive prevention and control of desertification and promotion of key ecological engineering construction symposiums such as "Sanbei",Promote the integration protection and system governance of landscapes, forests, lakes and sand,Solutions that serve ecological engineering such as "Sanbei" together,Summary and exchange related research results。

Conference invites Ding Yihui、Yao Tandong、Hou Lian、Zheng Xiaojing、Kang Shaozhong、Chen Fahu、Huang Jianping、Feng Qi、Fang Xiaomin and Zhu Jiajun 10 academicians make theme report,Wang Tao、Li Xinrong、Yang Xiaoping and other 8 experts make reports for the conference。In addition,The conference also organized a special report of 14 sub -forums,Experts and scholars participating stake betting appin the meeting shared the new concept of comprehensive prevention and control of desertification and the construction of the "Three North" project、New Technology,In -depth discussion of climate change and ecosystem response in desertification areas、Desert ecological repair and governance、The impact of global climate change on the front of the northwest heating and humidification trend is cutting -edge problems。Where,Deputy Dean of the Provincial Academy of Forestry Science and Technology Ma Quanlin made an academic report entitled "Theoretical Basic and Technical Model of Gansu Degenerate Sandlin Repair" at the meeting。

During the meeting,It also held the 40th anniversary celebration and commendation activity of "China Desert",Experts at the meeting fully affirmed the outstanding contribution of the journal in promoting the scientific development of deserts in my country。"Chinese Desert" will continue to work to promote the exchange and development of comprehensive prevention and control of desertification in my country,Make new positive contributions to the construction of stake sports betting loginnational ecological security and ecological civilization。

The successful holding of this seminar,Promoting the research on comprehensive prevention and control of desertification and the construction of the "Sanbei" project to a new level,Constantly build the northwest ecological security barrier of the motherland,Maintain the stake sports betting loginnational ecological security pattern。