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Source: Forestry Ecological Benefits Monitoring and Evaluation Institute

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(Reported by Correspondent Zong Wenzhen)June 17, 2024,Gansu Wet Wet Wet Wet Ecosystem Carbon Sub -Blot Investigation and Carbon Reserves Evaluation Project (hereinafter referred to as "Project") The implementation of the progress report will be held at the Yifu Science Museum of Lanzhou My stake betting appUniversity。Member of the Party Group of the Provincial Forest Cao Bureau、Deputy Director Gao Jianyu,Second -level inspector Yu Wenjian,Forestry and Greening Office、Sand prevention、Planning Finance Office、The person in charge of the office and other offices of the grassland,and Professor He Jinsheng Team of the School of Grass Agricultural Science and Technology of Lanzhou University、Provincial Sands Research Institute、Grassland Technology Promotion Station、Wild animals and plant protection stations (Gansu Province Wetland Protection Center)、Ecological Resources Monitoring Center and the Provincial Academy of Forestry Sciences and other projects participating stake online sports bettingin the project leader and more than 30 academic backbones attended the meeting。Vice Dean Ma Quanlin, the Academy of Forestry Sciences, led the relevant scientific and technological personnel of the Ecological Monitoring to participate in this meeting。

Vice President Ma Quanlin of the Provincial Academy of Forestry Science and Technology of the Project 1 "Forest Carbon Exchange Base Survey" and topic five "Gansu Grass Carbon Exchange Action Plan" 2 sub -topics for research background、Research content、Evaluation Index completion、Preliminary results、Funding expenditure and the plan of the next stage have been made in detail.,Relevant leaders and project teams of the best betting sitesProvincial Forest and Grass Bureau fully affirmed the achievements achieved by our college during the project execution process,and put forward opinions and suggestions on the subsequent implementation of the project,The meeting requires the project team to accelerate the field investigation and sampling work,Make sure the project task is high -quality complete。

The implementation of the implementation of the project will effectively urge each project team to carefully sort out phased results and research progress,timely solve the main problems existing in the project execution process,At the same time, the focus and direction of the project implementation in the next stage,Complete stake sports betting loginthe project task with quality and quantity on time。