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Source: Scientific Research Project Management Department、Institute of Economic Forest Research、Zhang Guangzhong





(Correspondent Liu Donghao、Zhang Guangzhong report) June 24, 2024,Provincial Academy of Forestry to Hewan Village, Zhongshan stake sports betting loginTown, Qin'an County to carry out help agriculture and farmers,Wang Lizhi, Director of the Provincial Forest and Cao Bureau's Returning Farming Office,Deputy Dean of the Academy of Forestry Sciences Ma Quanlin、Sun Weigang, Director of the Management and Protection Center of the National Nature Reserve of the Dunhuang West Lake in Gansu, attended the event。

This operation revolves around "Technology to help farmers,Materials Fu Farming "has carried out visit and condolences、Policy preaching、Technical training and agricultural capital donations。Help personnel go deep into best betting sitesthe masses to conduct visits and condolences,Understanding the crowd is anxious and difficult to expect,Planning for the people to improve the living standards。The assistant team carried out preaching around the party rules and party discipline,Emphasizing the need to strengthen the consciousness of rural party organizations and grass -roots party members to abide by rules and regulations,Keep in mind the party's purpose,Establish a good image of the party organization,Infection drives the masses,Build a beautiful countryside。Researcher Zhang Guangzhong My stake betting appof the Provincial Academy of Forestry conducted on -site training in key technologies of peppercorns and cultivation.,Explain the health cultivation of peppercorns for villagers、Pruning、Technical measures and methods in the prevention and control of pests and insect pests。To help the country industry,Help rural revitalization,Provincial Academy of Forestry raised materials to distribute 278 bags of fertilizer fertilizer for the villagers of the villagers、Iron Mo 278。