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Source: olive Engineering Center

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(Reported by Correspondent Jin Gaoming) June 28,Member of the Party Group of the Provincial Forest Cao Bureau、Deputy My stake betting appDirector Gong Wenpeng led a team best betting sitesto investigate the Forestry Academy of Forestry, Longnan Olive Olive State Forest Given Resource Library。Director Jiang Chengying at the Olive Center Jiang Chengying's operation on the iconic country forest -wood species resource library and scientific research base、olive germ collection and saving status quo、oligoma seed resource mining and utilization work、Detailed reports of the scientific research projects and results of the results borne by the germplasm resource library。During the survey,Deputy Director Gong Wenpeng also visited the laboratory of the germ resource library、Specimen Room、Information room and multi -function hall。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Academy of Forestry Sciences、Deputy Dean Ma Quanlin accompanied the research。

Gong Wenpeng expressed full affirmation of the work of the operation management and research project development of the oil olives for our hospital,Pointing out germplasm resources is an important strategic resource,is one of the indicators to measure stake sports betting logincomprehensive national strength,The olive country forest -wood species resource library is the basis for protecting and using olive genetic resources。Gong Wenpeng emphasized,The Provincial Academy of Forestry Sciences must make full use of the olive country forest -wood species resource database platform,Protection and use of existing quality resources,New olive varieties suitable for Longnan cultivation,Technology supports new varieties promotion and application demonstration zone construction,Contributions stake online sports bettingto the high -quality development of the province's olive industry。