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Source: Organization Personnel

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(Reported by correspondent Yu Xiaoxiao)On the afternoon of July 1, 2024,Our hospital held the 103rd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China、"Two excellents and one first" commendation and party discipline education tutoring conference。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee、Deputy Dean Ma Quanlin with "Talking about the Party、Guardous Party Regulations、Strict stake sports betting loginParty discipline —— to effectively promote the technology innovation of party discipline learning and education,Teaching party discipline education special party lessons,Inspired all party members not to forget the original intention、Keep in mind the mission,See the wise、Choose the good and obey,Efforts to promote the accelerated development of forestry research。The leadership team of the college and all party members attended the meeting。

All party members go to Lanzhou Martyrs Cemetery,Before the solemn revolutionary martyr's monument,All party members stand silently、Dedication to the martyr's flower basket。Everyone said that they will always remember the party’s struggle journey,Learn the lofty spirit of the revolutionary stake online sports bettingmartyrs,firmly listening to the party and walking with the party! Then go to Wuxingping Scientific Research Base to convene a meeting。Member of the Party Committee、Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Xie Xinping led all party members to revisit the party's oath,Read the "About Commendation of Advanced Party Organization、Outstanding Party Member、Decision of Outstanding Party Workers ",Meeting to 8 outstanding Communist Party members including Julie、Excellent Party workers and 2 advanced party branches awarded honorary certificates。

Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee、Deputy Dean Ma Quanlin emphasized,The advanced collective and individuals commended this time are an excellent stake sports betting loginrepresentative of the party organization and Communist Party members of our college,They vividly explain the firm beliefs of the Communists、Practice purpose、Fighting Dedication、The noble quality and lofty spirit of integrity and public,I hope the majority of party members and cadres,One must learn advanced typical,Fight as the Pioneer of Times,Confidence as a rock、Only fighting for the day and night、Perseverance of toughness、Unstoppable momentum continues to develop; second, we must learn advanced models,Give up for the power,Incorporate the power of the role model into the self -refining,Integrate the leading role of the model into the work struggle,Gathering Power、Faithful stake online sports bettingperformance; Third, learn advanced models,Courage to take responsibility,With a more high spiritual style、More solid work style,Practical and acting、Struggle。