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Source: olive Engineering Center

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(Reported by correspondent Jiang Chengying)July 4,The establishment meeting of the Forestry and Grassland Standardization Technical Committee of Gansu Province and the first work meeting were held in Lanzhou。Qin Ge, Director of the Standardization Division of the Provincial Market Supervision and My stake betting appAdministration Bureau, reads the "Approval of the Gansu Provincial Market Supervision Administration on Establishing the Establishment of Gansu Forestry and Grassland Standardization Technical Committee" and delivered a speech,Member of the Party Group of the Provincial Forestry and Grassland Bureau、Deputy Director Gong Wenpeng attended the meeting and spoke。

Gansu Provincial Forestry and Grassland Standardization Technical Committee (number GS/TC14) is mainly responsible for the cultivation and breeding of forestry and grass in the province、Forestry and greening、Protection of Genre Resources、Monitoring of Ecological Resources、Ecological system protection and repair、My stake betting appHarmful biological prevention and control and the protection of wild animals and plants in our province、Standard values ​​of standard values ​​in the fields of desertification prevention and control and the construction of standard system construction and standards in the forest and grass field。

The Forest Grass Standard Committee consists of 35 members,Ma Quanlin, deputy chairman of our hospital、Wei Qiu Shi as a member、Jiang Chengying as a member and Deputy Secretary -General。The Secretariat is by the Gansu Provincial Grassland Technology Promotion Station、Gansu Province Forestry Science Research Institute and Gansu Sands Research stake sports betting loginInstitute jointly undertake。

The establishment of the bidding committee,It is the specific action of implementing the "National Standardization Development Outline",It is also an important measure to further promote the standardization of forest grass,The Forest Covered Bid Committee will take the construction of beautiful Gansu as an opportunity,Scientific development of standard system construction in the forest and grass field,Leading the high -quality development of the forest and grass business with first -class standards,To further serve the construction of national ecological civilization,Support the "Three Norths" project tackling battle、Forest best betting sitesand Fruit Industry Construction and the standardization of the comprehensive governance of landscapes, forests, lakes, and grass and sand make new contributions。